Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Animal finials

windowsill bear
I recently unearthed these pieces from a dusty box in the studio. They were originally intended to be finials for some huge lamp bases we were making. 
windowsill circus
I am curious about the ones that got away, so to speak. I didn't have a camera at the time, so I will never know what all the different animals were. I'll bet there was a camel.
windowsill elephant
windowsill wood duck
windowsill cormorant
windowsill bear
I like to think of them performing at night, when everyone is asleep.

Not your typical Dutch souvenir.


  1. The animals are great, but I have to say The Milkmaid takes the cake! Wow. The milk dripping over the edge of the bucket is very...what's the word? Well...I'm not sure but you probably understand what I'm getting at.

  2. Now you've given me a word! I didn't know "finial."

    Love these.


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