Wednesday, August 18, 2010

country life

baby goats
abundant plums
elk prevention
talk radio is the best deterrent
Last year the elk ate every single piece of fruit in the orchard. They returned the next night to strip all the grapes. Finally, they ate all the leaves from the grape vines. We counted 91 elk last year, passing from the woods out to our neighbor's pasture one afternoon. It was thrilling, until the visit to our orchard. They first stripped our neighbor's garden, then came up here for dessert the next night. Our daily hike is mainly on elk/deer trails. They are back in our area until hunting season, when they make themselves scarce. I think they go hang out in the elk preserve near Jewell. Elk are crafty like that.
sunflowers from Judy
My favorite summer flower. In the spring it would be peonies. For fall, it's chrysanthemums.


  1. Wow that's crazy about all the elk. Good idea w. the radio. My dad used to leave a radio on at night in his barn to deter a certain skunk who came to visit often.

  2. That must be one LONG extension cord:):):)

  3. I know talk radio would keep *me* away. :-)

  4. Well, the radio is tuned to OPB which has become mostly talk radio. Does anyone know what they play in the middle of the night?


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