Monday, August 30, 2010

chicken tractors

baby chicks
Remember these? We got twenty-five Freedom Ranger chicks to raise in the French "label rouge" manner in April. Mr. Cranky and the Farmer built a chicken tractor for them to live in to protect them from the coyotes.
well, at least the setting is beautiful
you've heard of Rube Goldberg, I presume
curious and less cute
The Farmer hooks this contraption up to his tractor and moves it to fresh grass every other day.
electric fencing keeps predators away
The door opens so they can free range during the day, but it worried the Farmer terribly to release them.
they have a night light for warmth
They are closed in each night for safety and to  make it easy to move the tractor in the morning.

Nate and Salli and friends draw and cook

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