Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Decorating a Sink

I took some process photos of the last sink I made. The client wanted me to include a starfish, crab, and lobster, instead of the usual assortment of fishes...No problem.
First, I put the sink on a banding wheel and set a double wavy line around the upper edge with my slip-trailer. I fill that with a blue wash using a brush. Then, I layout a sketch with a pencil. The pencil lines burn out later in the firing.I use the pencil lines as a rough guide for the slip-trailed lines.
I fill in the lines with a blue wash using a brush.
I go back and add more watery, sea-weedy detail.
Then I add more. When I am satisfied with the image, Mick sprays the sink with a clear glaze.
The sink is fired to cone 02 in an electric kiln. This is how it looks finished. I sign each sink on the outside and add my little bird. If you open the sink vanity door, you can see the bird peeping at you. That bulge going down the side is the overflow, some building codes call for this, some don't. Might as well have one.
The finished size is about 15" x 19" x 8".

You can see a slideshow of various tile installations I have done.

Speaking of shellfish and tidepool inspired shapes, look at this:
This wonderful piece is by Heather Knight. It is handmade porcelain and would be great as a votive candle holder, paperclip holder, or just sitting around looking cool. She has lots of botanically inspired forms at her website, Supermarket, and her etsy shop.


  1. Oh, that sink and counter is beautiful! I love blue and white...I don't know why I don't have it in my house...hmmm

    thanks for stopping by and commenting in my blog...come back soon!

  2. How gorgeous. I'm a fan of this color scheme, too (who isn't, really?) and so wish I could have something like this instead of the 1970s era junk currently in our bathroom.

  3. Thank you waterrose & ambika!
    Blue and white seems to go with anything; contemporary, country, asian, or period styles.
    I like to see blue & white tile with yellow walls, it's warm and bright and friendly. It would remind me of France if I had ever been in France.

  4. That is INCREDIBLE! I lust after a bathroom in your fashion. You're in Portland, right? Do you stay busy?

  5. WOW your work and that sink is amazing. It reminds me of the Mediterranean and my home in Greece.

  6. so, so beautiful...however, i think think the problem would be that i would never want to use it (or anyone else for that matter) it is too perfect for dirty hands.


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