Thursday, April 17, 2008

Orange Juice

I want some orange juice.
Oh, thanks! I'll have it in this cup:
I'll daintily blot my lips with this charming hankie by stichado:
Or one of these boxwoodgoods' linen napkins:
Of course, I'll be wearing these by TickledPinkKnits to keep warm:
I may even be inspired to change my style with this dress (but I'd wear it over jeans, I think):
Okay, I know the dress is a shock to all who know me, but it's called a carpenter's dress.
And it's my favorite color-mud. (Actually, shaybelle calls it tobacco leaf brown.)


  1. i LOVE those orange images, did you make those yourself?! they're awesome!

    thanks so my more featuring one of my little hankies :D

  2. Anoymous~ does this mean you think my blog is sexy? Or did you mean 'xoxo' as in 'hugs and kisses'?

  3. Claudia~ alas, i did not make those great orange sculptures. Someone forwarded a few food carving images to me and I fell in love with the oranges. So I just had to figure out a way to put them in my blog. :)
    But I can't find a link back to the pictures. :(

  4. The oranges are wonderful, but a little disturbing. Like those Tibetan visualizations in which you cut yourself up and feed the pieces of yourself to whatever's hungry :->

  5. Those orange pictures are too neat. I really wish I knew how to use Photoshop better than I do.

  6. I want that dress! And the boots! and the handarmers! Beautiful finds.

  7. Oh, but Little Byrd, you make cashmere hand warmers.
    I love wearing cashmere in the studio.


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