Sunday, April 6, 2008


The Sixth Guild Sourcebook of Residential Art is out. We have a page in the 'Art for the Wall' section under 'Murals, Tiles & Wall Reliefs'. Our (Jensen & Marineau Ceramics) page has a picture of a carved earthenware fireplace surround and a kitchen installation with a peony garden (pictured above).
There's a rabbit hiding in the green beans.
I loved carving the celeriac, so gnarly.

Our tile is on page 278, opposite my favorite artist in the whole book, Elizabeth MacDonald. Yay!
She makes very cool tile murals. This one is called 'Landscape I', it's 21"H x 21"W x 1"D
This book was produced before I even had a blog. It seems like centuries ago! And now I am wondering why we didn't choose to feature blue & white tile...???
The green carved tile is a real pain in the you-know-what to make. The timing is very sensitive. I have to catch it at just the right moment when the moisture content is dry enough not to be completely goopy when I carve, but before it is so dry that my tool chatters and I am forced to inhale so much dust I risk silicosis, aka Black Lung Disease.
I love the green though, I just don't make it as often as the blue & white. Maybe now I will...

Oh, and here is one more place we've been shown lately:
This is a Treasury on etsy. They come and go daily, so it's not up anymore, but it's always a thrill to be on the front page for a day. We've been in others, but I have always missed them so far. See our little blue & white soba cup with the pig on it? Right in the middle?


  1. Wow, what beautiful work!

    I'm just a random passer-by. How lovely!

  2. Amazing! I would love to get into tile work...that and a million other creative ideas that I am completely intimidated by.

  3. Oh Mrs. French! I'm sure you could do anything you set your mind to if you didn't spend so much time on your cool blog!

  4. psst...thank you for putting me on your blogroll. I am honored.


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