Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'm beginning to feel like our website is a ponderous, grizzly old dinosaur, especially compared to sites like flickr, blogspot and their ilk. So, I spent all of my day yesterday working on an overhaul. I tried about a million times to embed a slide show without success. There is no emoticon that could embody the sad/frustrated/unhappy/crabby face I would put here...
The good news is, now it's all spiffed up & functions well as my tile catalog with links to more dynamic pages for things like lamps and pots that are actually on hand & for sale in the studio.
The process was de-energizing in the extreme. Really, I was this tired. Two steps forward and one step back; all day long. I'm sure you'd like to hear all about it.
Instead, since I doubt I'll ever find a post where these YouTube favorites of mine are actually relevant, here are a couple of treats for you:

and this:

If you're feeling crafty, go get a little kit from Mykonos:
Or just look like you might get crafty sometime and leave them lying around; they're so pretty!
She is from Hong Kong and also makes these cake toppers:
If you want some inspiration, hop on over to Katie Runnel's flickr page to view the likes of this:
And this:
Be prepared to spend the better part of your afternoon gazing upon the loveliness there.


  1. I think the frustration I feel when trying to deal with web sites and html is only on par with the frustration I feel when my sewing machine isn't working. The swearing scares the cats.

    Love the flickr links. I'm off to get lost in those.

  2. Thanks for adding me, i have a added you to my blog too.
    I love blue/white tiles and yours have a delicious twist!


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