Tuesday, December 2, 2008

art from our trees

A well stacked woodpile is definitely art for daily life; just look at how gorgeous this is! It makes me feel secure to have the shed filled with wood for the winter. I love to stack wood.
Our usual assortment of tables collected together to seat a crowd at Thanksgiving takes up most of the circulation in the room. Mr. Cranky came up with a fabulous solution by cutting posts from a big log that has been sitting around for years and pulling two 12" x 4" x 14' wood planks from the wood stack. He used the stumps as a base and set the planks on top, they are so heavy and thick that it is perfectly stable with no nails at all. We left a gap between the planks which turned out to be a perfect place to drop in a 2" x 6" to form a sunken trough. On Thanksgiving I lined it with about thirty votive candles; it was really pretty.
We sawed the planks (years ago) from trees we cleared from our house site. Much of the wood was used in building the house, but we have a few beauties left in storage. It has been sanded and the edges chamfered, but it is a little dry. We might seal it (or oil it?) with something to make it softer.
I think we should each sit on opposite ends for dinner and feel fancy.
Those hanging leaves are more art from our trees. Sadly, I had to collect them all by myself for the first time this year because my kids were too busy to come with me (sniff...)

We are having an open studio* on the next two Saturdays and I am excited to put the pots out on this table.

*leave me a comment (or email me) with your address and I'll send you an invite, everyone's welcome to come.


  1. I loved your table arrangement and maple leaves. How original! Now only if you could have a "Jeeves" on standby to do the clean up after a big soiree.


  2. my my! You have quite the reserve for chopped wood! What a great visual that Christmas and fireside season is well around the corner.

  3. th open studio is something I am going to try to make it to..if for some reason it doesn't work, how about I just move in...xo me

  4. Mrs. French, I am so looking forward to meeting you at last! I hope you can come. You might not want to move in if you saw the state of the so-called guest room though...

  5. I liked our guest room :) My dad is going to see the photo of your stacked wood and FREAK. He loves stacking wood--it's like a fun outdoor puzzle for him.


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