Sunday, December 14, 2008

Open Studio

I made new signs (finally).
That's Lucy pointing the way (above) with Arturo and Little (below)

We set up the dinnerware on the new table in the house.
It was a glorious sunny day on the first Saturday.
I made apple cake, pumpkin spice bread, and spinach feta bread.
We had hot spiced cider and cranberry sangria to drink.
We always have pots set up in the studio.
I like to put out a selection of work on sale too.
A table full of plates (below)
A row of bowls.
We love seeing our friends and meeting new people at our open studios. We never get huge crowds, so there is always time to hang out, snack, and chat with our guests. It's pretty cozy.
I was sure that predictions of snow on the second Saturday would keep anyone from driving out (we are in the hills), but it was just a tad slushy and drippy so most folks came out anyway.
I send out a black and white postcard to announce the show, but I just realized that email invitations can be a lot prettier. I want to build up my email list so I can use both methods; leave me a comment or email if you would like to be on my list.
*I don't send out more that one to three invitations a year and I promise not to share your info


  1. I so wanted to come, but I couldn't! Maybe next time?

  2. Oh, I was secretly hoping to see you!
    I have your email, but if you'd like a card too, shoot me your address.

  3. It all looks so nice. I love that table. Your home looks beautiful.

  4. I learned of the sale through our Mother:) Used to be on the mailing list, but methinks I am a bad sister:(. I will try to be better, I promise

  5. your stuff is beautiful ... I'm about to check out your etsy

  6. REread~ Now I'm feeling guilty that I haven't updated the etsy shop for ages.
    Thanks for visiting, come back though; I'll put some time in on the shop soon.


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