Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tales; this week

Yeti builds a table. It is a profound table.
Yes, tables can be profound.
Bear goes shopping. The big one is for Lucy!
Okay, no its not.
Little really gets into wrapping presents, she's the family expert.
She loves to buy presents and is better at it than anyone else.
Boise breaks his elbow skateboarding. He refuses to see a doctor. He won't take anything fo the pain. Yet he expects to be able to play drums with his band on New Year's Eve. Hmmm...
Arturo got straight A's for the first term of his senior year in college. He took really hard classes, too. He been on the Dean's List every term so far. Yay, Arturo!
Lucy is careless while stacking firewood and the entire row collapses on her. Yeti and Arturo rush to help her with damp cloths for the blood and ice packs for the lumps. Lucy is stoic, but when they leave her alone she cries and cries.


  1. Poor Lucy. I hope she's recovered.

  2. Oh my. The picture of Lucy is just frightening. Poor thing!

    These are super fun. :) I love your tales.

  3. Thanks for your concern; Lucy is happily baking cookies and organizing her spice drawer at present. Fully recovered. :)

  4. Poor, poor baba.

    Send my some Bear and Little pictures so I can put them on my now active blog.



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