Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tales; introducing Ivy

I'd like you to meet Ivy:

Ivy (monkey)

A bit reckless, Ivy likes to flirt with danger. She is a competitive rock climber and loves the thrill of an authentic challenge. Unconventional(she gets that from her dad), dramatic, intense, she hates to be ignored. Ivy is a high achiever who is obsessed with efficiency and prioritizes well. She is attracted to art, ritual, and scandal. She only wears clothes made of cashmere or organic cotton. Like any monkey, she gets into mischief and loves to break rules. Highly intuitive, she resonates with the feelings of other people and makes the perfect confidant. With her ability to energize people, she is the one to rally the group. And I won't describe how very very cute* she is, you can see that for yourself...

*she gets that from her mom


  1. "Ivy" sounds like my kind of monkey...xo t

  2. well put, well put. i love it

  3. It seems my language skills need to be strengthened, because I totally can not read your information, but I think this is a good BLOG

  4. This description would be very hard to understand if you are not a native speaker. There are so many adjectives! Sorry!
    Are you from China? I can't understand one single word of your site. But I'm very happy that you like my blog.


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