Friday, April 10, 2009

Tales, Annabel T. Bunny

Just in time for the celebrations of Spring, fertility, and rebirth, it's time to meet Annabel T. Bunny. She is represented here, as per usual, with sketch unearthed from the bottom of my bag that was quickly drawn on the back of a grocery list.

Annabel loves surfing the internet, mahjong, and crafting. She was a gymnast in her younger days and spent her high school years perfecting her stag leap. Skilled at pantomime, she performs a hilarious rendition of a dying fish. Her siblings, Bothell and Lucy, enjoy playing pranks on her. For instance, they will hide her trifocals (she is practically blind without them) and then yell "snake" when there isn't really any snake*. Annabel is a people-pleaser who finds it easy to merge with the wishes of others, so much so that she sometimes finds it difficult to identify her own needs. She has the capacity to give to the point of exhaustion coupled with a surprising rebellious streak. She is helpful and humble and believes that chocolate is the solution to everything.

*Ha, ha, ha...that's soooo funny!


  1. I sure would love to see all 3 siblings together in one place. What a hoot that would be with all the stag leaping, hands flapping and sword fighting. Perhaps hey should sell tickets to the event and stage a party.

  2. I would buy a ticket.

  3. I'll see if it can be arranged, but I need Annabel to agree to do the dying fish instead of the stag leap.


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