Monday, April 6, 2009

what is the opposite of 'grumblegrumblegrumble'?

Inspired by our success with cutting kiln shelves for the broken woodstove ceiling, we cut another one to serve as a pizza stone It is great. Three* minutes later= hot bubbly pizza. Because we always have a fire going, we can put the shelf in whenever we want to bake something; no oven preheating, no wasted energy. Yay!

*the stone has to be placed ahead of time to get thoroughly hot though...

This reminds me of the story of the Chinese man and the horse.
A Chinese villager's horse, which represents his only wealth, runs away. The other villagers gather around him to comfort him and mourn his loss. But the man says "it may not be such a bad thing." The next day, the horse returns with a mare, and the villagers gather around to celebrate his good fortune. This time he says, "it may not be such a good thing." The following week, his only son is thrown from the horse and breaks his leg. Again, the villagers arrive to grieve with him. The man says "it may not be such a bad thing." However, the broken leg prevents the son from going to war and possibly being killed. And he says, "it may not be such a good thing." And so the pattern goes on.


  1. Great idea! I'm going to go make dough right now so I can have pizza later in the week.
    Do you have Peter Reinhart's book, American Pie? Good read.

  2. Ron~ we put the shelf up on posts so the fire can keep going. Also, we had to shorten the length of the shelf because it was blocking the draft on the fire.
    I'll look for that book, thanks.

  3. It may not be such a good thing.


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