Tuesday, April 14, 2009

yeti works

I finally photographed and put some of the jewelry Mr. Cranky has been making. Now it's up in the etsy shop. We wanted to have a name for our new enterprise to distinguish it from the pottery and tile. Mr. Cranky identifies with Yeti for some reason, so he thought up 'yeti works'. Then we wrestled with the thought of:
yeti wear
yeti ware
yeti wear ware
but stuck with the original yeti works...
I love wearing this antler necklace. It makes me feel so badass. At first I thought it should face the other way, but that feels really dangerous when it is on. This position precludes hugging however. It is pretty big (about 10"), so I want to have a photo of someone wearing it. I don't have any models handy at present though...

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