Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tales, introducing Clementine T. Raccoon

Clementine is imperturbable. She takes care of everyone around her in her calm and reassuring way. She never gets mad. Clem is always the designated driver, because her husband, Bothell, tends to get lost a lot. A loyal and supportive daughter, she calls her mother everyday. She is the anchor of her family, unfazed by anything. An avid reader, she generally carries an enormous book with her. She just likes really thick books. She is tolerant, skeptical, and has a droll sense of humor. A lover of board games and cards, she excels at scrabble (seriously, she will beat you every time). She has a talent for cutting hair and making candles, but does not cook. Clementine is such a comfortable presence, it is relaxing just to be around her.


  1. :-) so, you've been spying on us at home, have you?

  2. I can only agree wholeheartedly. :)


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