Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In the studio: table tops

Eek, they came out perfectly!
These are going to made into tables for children; soon to be on their way to a new furniture store in the Bay area. They will finish out to about 16" x 16" and 12" x 17".


  1. Way to go, Barb. What a perfect use of your very original art style. It is especially heartwarming since it is capturing your attention as a favorite right now.

  2. Very Nice. Wow, Tales, Jewelry, Furniture... What's next? Machines?

    No, wait, wait, I know -> Recipe Tiles!!!

  3. when the creative spirit rains
    she doesn't pour
    she riches

    your family
    for instance
    is growing...

    and growing....
    and growing...

    birds and bees
    smart monkees
    and bears in goggles
    who look just like doggles

  4. "bears in goggles who look just like doggles" Bee, I am totally stealing that! You are hilarious.


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