Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tales, meet Thackery

Thackery (hedgehog) is both intelligent and practical. Self-taught in everything from yoga to sailing and navigation to mastering high finance and the stock market, he knows how to learn. Pessimistic about the human race and the future of the planet, he doesn't let his gloomy world view interfere with the joy he finds in life and nature. He is tender-hearted, but not sentimental. He is a crack shot with a rifle and a fantastic dancer. He will only speak of things that really matter and is not afraid of silence. In fact, he loves silence. He is happiest in warm places with sunny beaches. He is extremely self-sufficient. He loves his family with a fierce passion and is godfather to Arturo and Little. Thackery is Yeti's best friend, they will talk dharma long into the night, fueled by carrot cake and red wine.

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