Monday, May 11, 2009

Tales, Thackery

You haven't met Thackery yet, but he's a hedgehog and despair threatens to overwhelm him.


  1. I love Thackery. He's adorable.

  2. Great stuff! I love your illustrations and your blog is adorable. Very cute.

  3. Maybe Yeti can take the trouble from his eyes - I hope it's not there for good. Also, it would good if Thackery avoided listening to Leonard Cohen because that makes it really hard for hedgehogs to not wallow in despair.

  4. But Thackery does love Leonard Cohen, I forgot to mention that in his profile. An important aspect of his character, I think.

  5. Oh dear Thackery
    you've been a hog
    engaging all that hedging!

    The smart ones said
    we'd all get rich
    now lots of folks are ledging.

    Don't jump dear Thackery
    and don't despair--
    There's lots of new stuff to do.
    There are people to feed
    and houses to build
    and dharma to repair, too.


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