Friday, May 28, 2010

coffee break

chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon
new cookbook
It all started with a cookbook I got, Good To the Grain by Kim Boyce. As a former pastry chef at a French restaurant (white flour! white sugar!), I have not had much use for whole grains in baking. This cookbook is clearly changing my mind. 
whole wheat flour and chunks of dark dark chocolate
These cookies were made entirely with whole wheat flour and are really delicious and the texture was not ruined by the lack of gluten as I had feared. Instead, there are many more layers of flavor (nutty, earthy) and a pleasant rich crunchiness. It didn't hurt that I used chopped 70% dark chocolate instead of chocolate chips.
Next up~ barley flour in: strawberry scones (as soon as the local berries are ready), barley crepes, and bird crackers.

This reminds me of my dad; he even used unnecessary quotation marks with "air" quotation marks. Oh, that makes me smile.

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