Friday, May 14, 2010

a few new things

new, taller table
I call this the Bird Watcher's Table. It's a perfect place for a morning latte or afternoon tea. I simply added an extra round to the base of one of Mr. Cranky's log and slab tables to boost the height. This was inspired by our (temporary) acquisition of some nice bar stools when our son landed back at home for a couple of months with all his stuff.
view from the Bird Watcher's Table
Mr. Cranky puts bird seed out along the top of the wall every morning and they all come and feast for a bit. This morning I was up first, so no birds were out there yet.
chicken tractor in the making
Mr. Cranky is tired of losing a hen to coyotes and raccoons from time to time, so he is building a chicken tractor to protect them. I will miss seeing them in unexpected places, foraging and having dust baths, but it does seem necessary. They will still get to forage and eat bugs and scratch about.

These guys do neat projects; scroll down to the lost book project in particular.

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