Sunday, February 24, 2008

How to make breakfast for Eli

My daughter's best-friend-since-third-grade, Eli, is a creature of habit. The morning after her very first overnight at our house I served crepes for breakfast. Kids love crepes. As a food item they have everything: they seem really fancy, there is lots of hands-on process involved, you can put whatever you want in them, they are messy, you eat them with your hands, and they are sweet. For the past nine years, every time she sleeps over, she really must have crepes in the morning.

It is easier to make crepes than you think:
Put 1 1/2 cups milk in a blender, add 1 cup all purpose flour, two eggs, 3 tablespoons butter, and a pinch of salt, blend for a minute or so, stopping to scrape down corners a couple of times.
Let this rest for an hour or even overnight (it's okay if you can't wait, but the crepes will be thinner and more delicate if you do). Brush a crepe pan with a thin film of butter and heat until a drop of water evaporates quickly.
Pour in enough batter to coat the pan lightly,
rotate pan after pouring (about 1/4 cup) batter to spread evenly.
Cook over high heat until top is dry-ish.

Lift the edge of the crepe and flip over,
cook the other side briefly until lightly colored.
Flip crepe onto clean towel to keep warm.
Repeat until you have as many crepes as you want.
The simplest version is just lemon and powdered sugar;
squeeze lemon on and dust with powdered sugar.Fold in half twice ( or roll it up).
But Eli considers strawberries with whipped cream to be
de rigueur
. So, even though I try to buy locally produced food
in season as much as possible, I got frozen strawberries.
Nutella is also a favorite crepe filling. I have a delicious recipe
for homemade nutella, but my kids prefer the commercial version because they are brats.

The aftermath.

Now, consider how great it would be to eat crepes and have tea with this wonderful leaf teapot set by Tara Robertson that I found:
As a hand-builder myself, I have to admire the deft hand and skill in execution of this piece.
And rather under priced at $130, if I might make so bold. Trust me, I know how much work goes into a piece like this. Someone (Mick, are you listening?) should go buy it immediately!

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