Sunday, February 10, 2008

Snow and Whales

It's been snowing for days. I always like how our yard looks in the snow. Besides being beautiful in its own right, the fact that we have done nearly no landscaping is not apparent and all the messy things are covered up.
It's been an unusually snowy winter for Portland, a result of la nina- the opposite of el nino. Although el ninos have been in the news a lot, la ninas happen about as frequently, but the have less significant global consequences to el ninos. This may or may not be a consequence of global warming.
*this from my meteorologist friend (thanks Pam!).

I'm working on a tile installation for a house in Rhode Island. There are loads of whales in the shower area and various crustaceans and shells on the vanity backsplash. I made a pair of sinks for the master bath, but for the first time ever, I had to remake one of them because the glaze blurred in the firing. I'm going to try laying the tile out on the studio floor to take a picture because I rarely get photos of distant installations. This commission is especially unusual because it has twenty-five whales in it. I did have a job a few years ago for a hotel lobby in St. Thomas that was all whales. I wish I had a photo of that one.

I found some great jewelry (like this owl) on etsy.
It's on a domino, you should go look at it and the other jewelry she makes. Cool stuff!

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