Thursday, February 14, 2008

Twenty-three, not twenty-five, whales

Here is the bathroom mural I made for a house in Rhode Island laid out on my studio floor.
There is a skylight running down the center of my studio ceiling that created a stripe of glare right down the center of the photo when I first shot it. So, I had to climb up on the roof to cover the skylight with a cloth. I was using the tall (extremely heavy and cumbersome) wooden ladder in the studio to get high enough to take the picture, so I only had a short ladder to use to get to the roof. I leaned it on a half rotting piece of wood leaning on the woodshed roof (attached to the studio), which was in turn leaning on a taller, not rotting, board. I climbed from one to the other, traversed three roofs of varying height and slipperiness, and flung the cloth over the offending area of the skylight. Then, reversing the order of ascent, back down to the ground, and back up the ladder in the studio for the photo. I missed a spot, so back up on the roof, more cloth, back down, up the ladder for the photo. Then the same thing twice more. Gaah...
Anyway, here it is. This is not the whole thing, but it isn't really possible to photograph properly on the floor. I like the little schools of jellyfish scooting around.
The client also ordered a pair of oval sinks. I took some pictures of the process, first the pencil sketch on the bisqued (first firing) sink, then adding slip to the lines, filling in with cobalt (blue) wash, then the finished sink after glazing and firing. Here it is (*click on it for a larger view):

Look at this wonderful pot I found on line:

It's made by Richard Aerni, I potter I am familiar with through an on-line discussion group called 'clayart'. Smart guy, generous, beautiful work. Here is his his Etsy site.

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