Thursday, January 29, 2009

art for daily life

Fresh kindling on the front porch makes me feel rich.One of Mr Cranky's 'pets'; the name I have given to all the firewood pieces he sets aside that are too lovely to burn. This one reminds me of a Northwest Coast Native American mask, an eagle or a wolf.
This lichen is huge(8-9") and looks ancient. It fell from a very tall fir tree in the woods.

A very elegant piece of wood that Mr Cranky brought home from a walk. It was leaning up against the wall for a long time before we thought to lay it down. Beautiful transformation.

Honey tangerines put outside the dining room door to stay cool.


  1. :-)

    Wonderful! I especially like the board balanced on its belly.

  2. Lots of goodies. Nothing like a 'pic up sticks' pile of kindling.

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