Monday, January 12, 2009

Paper paper paper (Noriko Yamaguchi)

Paper Jewelry by Noriko Yamaguchi
I really was done with paper art but then...I discovered the Holland Paper Biennale. Ack!!!
And Noriko Yamaguchi.
Have a look:
Exhibition at Gallery Art Works, Mishima, Japan / material; paper / photo: Hideto Nagatsuka
Holland Paper Biennale 2008- Evocative
Exhibition at TOKI Art Space, Tokyo, Japan / material: Washi (Japanese paper)
photo: Hideto Nagatsuka

Noriko Yamaguchi is amazing. See for yourself.


  1. I can't believe I missed this post--I love the paper! It would be cool to have a party or a wedding reception with paper hanging from the ceiling like this. Except more. I always like more! :)

  2. It's a good thing you are such a faithful commenter, Ms. Snotteah, or I would have to believe nobody reads my blog.
    Thanks! :)

  3. Thank you!!!! 1000 times!!!


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