Tuesday, January 13, 2009

in the studio, tags

Turning tales into tags. These are meant to hang up wherever...bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office. I will glaze them in 'beeswax' (creamy white) and put a splash of color on the figures.
At 6" x 3" they are a little big for ornaments, but I have smaller ones in the works.
Remember the first iteration? I'm finally getting back to the series.


  1. These are fun. I went back and read the "Irritated and Annoyed" Post. Ha, I know the feeling. We just keep plugging along right?, figuring things out. Have a good Wednesday. Look forward to seeing the tags all finished.

  2. I loved that atrocious tan color you got the first time by fearlessly using the wrong clay.

    Seriously, I do like the tags, the're like little clay "paintings" with tons of personality. They work well in the bathroom because you can see them up close and they don't melt.

  3. Ron~ I did write a follow-up post when I had recovered my aplomb. Called 'what's going right'.
    Rick~ It was merely a failure of expectations, I imagined a bright clean white when I made them. I hung one in my bathroom and it was perfectly fine once I accepted the color. Oh yeah, but you know that because you bought all of them...


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