Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This was the only thing that broke in the firing I unloaded today.
If you read yesterday's post you will know how sad this is and how my kiln mocks me at times.


  1. Be a little more depressing. Itfeelsgreat.

  2. aw c'mon! love, like a face, is more beautiful in its imperfections. more meaningful in that which it overcomes. glue it together and keep it. and let that little scar be a reminder to you. your kiln wasn't mocking you, just showing you another piece of the puzzle. :)

  3. I love these comments!

    Dale~I've come to depend on seeing your emoticons, thanks for showing up today! I needed some empathy.


    Liason~ I did glue it together; good advice and observations! Maybe I'll post the repair tomorrow...

    Ron~I have to admit that Lucy has a tendency to over-identify with Little and Bear's relationship. And so feels upset at the recent turn of events.
    I'm sure everyone will be fine eventually.


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