Monday, February 23, 2009


This is the valentine Mr. Cranky made for me this year. I have been messing around with wood-burning and the totem in the back is a test piece I made. Remember wood-burning kits from when you were a kid? I didn't like it that much then, but I'm loving it now. Finally, I have an interface with Mr. Cranky's wood obsession. More to come on this subject...
Here is the one I made for him. You haven't met these characters yet; the little mole is named Bothell and the raccoon is Clementine, but everyone calls her Clem. They are the perfect couple and that's why I made a valentine of them.
This is my valentine from Mr. Cranky from last year. It's made of clay that has been stained with iron oxide. It's about 3" tall.

This is the back side, the curve makes it more stable as a free-standing sculpture and animates it a bit.

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