Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my studio is intolerably cold

So I moved my workspace into the house for the sedentary parts of the process; painting, decorating, drawing, etc. Oh yeah, and wood-burning; eek!
The light is great, it is WARM, I can keep tabs on the bread rising, soup stirring, and other domestic parts of my day really easily, and did I mention that it is WARM?
Why didn't I think of this before?


  1. I bet hauling the painting, decorating, drawing, etc. gets tiresome.

    I think you should put in some kind of zip-line to move the stuff back and forth from the studio to the house.

    And put a handle on for people to grab onto and position a trampoline at the bottom end so you could zip down from the house to the studio and then let go and safely bounce off.

    That would be fun.

  2. yeah, my studio is between 50-60 in the winter and I get cold FAST and do what I can in the living room too...

  3. Rick~ don't think the topic of a zip line hasn't come up before. What we would really need though is a gondola to get back up the hill from the studio. I'm always looking for ways to add more fun.
    Gary~ sometimes the only way I can warm up after a session in the cold studio is to take a long hot shower followed by sitting as close to the woodstove as possible for as long as possible.


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