Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tales; Ranger's Fear

Everyone in Tales has a major fear. Ranger's is barbed wire.

Excused Absence~
I've been in the hospital with my daughter for the past week. She's on the mend and I am back to work in the studio. I have lots of things to put on the blog, so I'm excited.


  1. I should have elaborated; she got a vicious virus that left her severely dehydrated and she had to be admitted to he hospital to be re-hydrated. It took a full week to shake it off. It is scary to see the people in the ER running; her vital signs were pretty bad at the time. She's ok now. Thanks so much for your concern.

  2. Glad your daughter is doing better Barb. Looking forward to some new posts. I hope someone shows up with a pair of wire cutters to help Ranger out.

  3. Yikes, poor Betsy and poor Barb. I am glad all is getting better. Love to all of you. Leanna


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