Thursday, February 5, 2009

new work; blue and white tile

Lucy and Yeti have a baby boy. they name him Arturo. He's an adorable little otter.Yeti and Lucy have a baby girl. They name her Little. She is a pudgy wee bear. Lucy is a single mom. Arturo is six and Little is two. It's hard sometimes.
Bear and Little bought new bike helmets. Little has crashed with alarming frequency, so the helmet is always on now. She is considering sleeping in it..
Bear wins a race. He rides so fast, he has to wear goggles to keep the bugs out of his eyes.
Creepy Joe comes on the Bear on his first day of work. Joe is one of the chefs, but Bear refuses to be intimidated.Ranger whispers to Gwendolyn Fig. She is puzzled by the conversation. Ranger speaks so fast and has an enormous vocabulary; the way he strings words together is both stunningly creative and enormously confusing.

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  1. Wow. Amazing. The single mom tile is so sad. Really depressing, probably makes sensitive children cry.
    Great stuff!!!


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